WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)

WPC from Neofibra® is manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of wood and plastics, combining the best properties of both materials. The natural feeling and looks of wood are now combined with the reliability and freedom of design of plastics.

This unique combination of wood and plastics results in a product that requires little or no maintenance, with a prolongued life-cycle.

Because of its high resistance to moisture and water (even salt water), the material will not degenerate like natural timber. WPC from Neofibra® is absolutely free from rotting, splintering and decomposition.

Thanks to the excellent characteristics of Neofibra® WPC , new products can be developped that could never be realised in classic timber. Endless design possibilities arise for a wide variety of applications!

Completed with a very easy to install and invisible decking clip system, WPC from Neofibra® is the ideal product for your decking!